Super Sunday at Cross Creek: FEDS First Tags + DD 2-Disc Challenge!


YES, this is your first chance to play Cross Creek Disc Golf Course this year

YES, this will be the the first official day of the 2018 Flying Eagle Disc Society bag tag season

YES, Jonathan Ray of Dynamic Discs will be there to run a flex-start, 2-Disc Challenge in the afternoon

YES, these events are open to ANYONE AND EVERYONE


NO, you do NOT have an excuse to miss out on the Super Sunday shenanigans at Cross Creek!


Tags are in and its time to get the 2018 FEDS bag tag challenge into gear. The annual kickoff tag match will take place over 18 holes at Cross Creek DGC this Sunday morning!

Membership’s, including bag tag and giveaway item, are the usual $20 and there will be a $10 Cross Creek event fee to play the round (those who earned membership through course work last year are exempt from the event fee)

Registration¬†and check-in will be open until 9:30 am with tee off at 10:00 am. Top finisher gets that coveted #1 tag, will it be you?? Join us for this yearly club tradition, no matter where you’re from!


Starting at 1:00 pm, the Dynamic Discs RV will be set and ready to check you in for our yearly, flex-start, 2-Disc Challenge! $20 gets you two discs from any of the Trilogy brands’ lines (Dynamic, Latitude 64, Westside Golf Discs) and a chance to win great payouts ($10 course use fee will apply, tag match participants and members exempt)

Am and pro divisions will be available and J-Ray will be there with the full array of Trilogy merchandise to peruse, test and purchase. If you can’t make it for tags in the morning, be SURE to get out in the afternoon to check things out (or, you know, do both!)

PLEASE NOTE: There will be no casual rounds at Cross Creek on Sunday. You must be in either the tag match or 2-Disc Challenge to play the course.


Google Maps location of disc golf course entrance:

NOTE: The course entrance is a quarter mile PAST the Cross Creek ranch sign and main entrance. Look for the red gate, wood archway and golf course sign.

ALSO: There is no cell service at the ranch and access to indoor bathrooms will be very limited. BYO food and beverage, bug spray and any other necessities. Please plan accordingly!

So, make your plans, get your car pool together, prepare for some epic lines through the trees, and get yourself up to Cross Creek for a day of pure disc golfing euphoria.

Huge thanks to Blake Scott, Mariah Scott, Sue and Dave Scott and the rest of the people who made this course and event possible!


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